Be an active part of our projects

The Environmental Footprint Institute is a research Foundation open to the search for synergies with other public and private organizations. The work of the Foundation cannot be understood without the collaboration of the technical consultants who prepare the Environmental Product Declarations for their subsequent verification and registration in the EFI Program. Any public or private entity that wishes to contribute to the improvement of the environmental parameters of products and services is invited to form part of the Institute.

How to be a consultant

The Environmental Product Declarations must be prepared in accordance with the criteria defined in the applicable ISO regulations and as defined in the corresponding EFI Product Category Rule. The Environmental Footprint Institute Foundation verifies the content of the Environmental Declarations prepared by consultants and external entities, certifying their compliance with the EFI Program and issuing the corresponding quality seal.

You can contact the Foundation if you wish to obtain the certification of an Environmental Footprint, Water Footprint or Carbon Footprint for inclusion in the EFI Program.

If you think that you have the appropriate technical knowledge, you can collaborate as an external consultant by contacting the Foundation.

How to be a verifier

For the correct development of the EPD EFI Certification Program, the collaboration of verifiers is necessary to validate the environmental results presented in the Environmental Product Declarations and ensure the correct compliance with the Product Category Rules and the correctness of the Life Cycle Analyses developed. If you think that your technical profile would allow you to work as an official verifier of the EFI Program, you can contact the Foundation to indicate the requirements to meet and the steps to take.


Other ways of collaborating

The Environmental Footprint Institute has reached collaboration agreements with different institutions and companies, which allows it to expand the type and scope of its work. The Foundation is always open to signing new collaboration agreements that represent a synergy in the analysis and improvement of the environmental performance of products and services.